Matson Village Resident Information

Matson Village Resident Infromation


As you move in, please break down the empty boxes prior to taking them to the dumpster.

Mail – All outgoing mail should be put into the open slot of your mail cluster.  You have your own key to your mailbox and this must be returned upon your departure.

Electricity – The power is on in the apartment when you move in.  It is your responsibility to have the power changed into your name at the time that you move in.   We will charge $5.00 per day for power for each day that the power is on in our name, including the day that you move in and the date of connection.

Utilities –
Johnson City Power Board 952-5000 ($0-$400 deposit depending on credit); $40 turn-on fee
CenturyLink / Embarq 461-4311 ($25-$100 deposit / $27.50 installation / $13 basic service)
Comcast Cable 1-800-266-2278 – rates depend on monthly promotions.

When applying for telephone, electric and cable service, note to the person taking the order for service that you are in Johnson City, even though you have a Jonesborough mailing address.

Decorating – There are to be no stick-ons for walls or ceilings. Please use only small nails for hanging wall decorations.  No nails are to be used on the doors. Do not use ceiling hooks.

Arrangement of furniture – Please keep all furniture at least 1 foot from baseboard heaters. Do not block access to the circuit breaker box.

Garbage – Please take your garbage/trash to the dumpster when you are ready to dispose of it. Do not leave trash bags outside your door, pending a later trip to the dumpster.  Please keep all trash inside the dumpster.  We want to keep the property clean for you.

Laundry – The laundry room is for your convenience. The door must be kept locked at all times. This will help us in keeping the laundry room clean, in good repair for you, and provide security for the equipment and your clothes, should you leave the building.  Please help us keep the laundry room clean. Please do not hang laundry outside of your apartment.

Pets – Pets are allowed in the complex.  However, prior approval MUST be received before bringing a  pet into the complex. Please see our pet policy for more information.  All pets are inside pets.  Accordingly, your pets must not be allowed to roam unattended.  The proper place for the walking of dogs for their personal relief is to the rear of the property. Do not allow them to void themselves in the landscaping areas between the parking lot and sidewalk, on the grass areas close to the buildings, or on the grass areas where children will be playing. Your help in this matter is required in order to continue permitting dogs to live on the premises.

Occupants – Your rental rate is based upon the number of persons agreed to at the time of the lease.  If an additional roommate is brought in, he/she will be considered “another occupant” and you will be charged an additional $30 per month.

Parking – If you should have guests, encourage them to park behind your car or in the assigned “Visitor” parking space. “Visitor” parking spaces should be left open for visitors.  If you have a third vehicle, please park it in the rear parking lot of the building.  If you should have to use a visitor slot for any reason, please move your vehicle back to your assigned slot as soon as possible. When your vehicle is in a visitor slot and your regular slot is vacant, you are, in effect, occupying two slots. At no time is parking on the grass and/or sidewalks permitted.

Apartment complex appearance – The walkways must be kept free of all personal items, with the exception of door mats, “lawn furniture”, and grills.(No charcoal grills are allowed at any time). If you should need extra storage for out of season items, please contact the office. We do have some limited storage facilities available. Also, please do not hang rugs, towels, etc., over the railings.  We are trying our best to provide a pleasant appearance to not only you and your guests, but also to the general public.

Parking stickers – All residents must have a parking sticker on their car. Management will apply the sticker to the outside of the rear window. Location: Rear Window, Upper right corner (passenger side).

Light bulbs – a maximum of 60 watt bulb is to be used with any enclosed light fixture.  The use of a higher wattage bulb may cause damage to the fixture and/or ceiling (a fire hazard), for which you would be responsible.

Pest Control – On the 3rd Tuesday of each month, your apartment will be treated by Dodson Pest Control.

Emergency numbers – Our answering machine will have an emergency number for you to call.  The emergency number is to be used only for an emergency, such as a water leak or fire which would damage the property. All other problems should be noted on the answering machine should the office be unattended at the time that you call.