Privacy Policy

Chuck Rich Properties Privacy Policy

We believe in keeping things simple. We respect your privacy. If you choose to provide personal information through our web site, we won’t share that information with anyone without your permission and we will only use that information to provide the services you request on our site. We do not collect or retain any information which could identify you or the computer you’re using.

If you provide us with your e-mail address and you indicate that you’d like to get additional information from us, we may send you information using the e-mail address you provided. You may “opt-out” at any time by replying to any of our e-mail messages with the word “remove” in the subject line.

If you submit an “Application to Rent” you agree to the following:

  • “Authorization for approval, enforcement and collection of lease is hereby granted to obtain a credit report, criminal report and employment verification with salary on applicant(s) and/or co-signer(s). I hereby direct the persons above to give any requested information concerning me, hereby waiving all rights of action for consequences as a result of such information.”
  • The applicant(s) and/or resident(s) and/or co-signer(s) understand that various credit institutions, mortgage lenders, governmental agencies, landlords and other persons may contact the owner from time to time to request information regarding this application and/or lease transaction between the applicant(s) and/or resident(s) and/or co-signer(s) and the owner, and the applicant(s) and/or resident(s) and/or co-signer(s) consent and agree that the owner may freely disclose any information contained in the owner’s files and records.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy.