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Parking Rules

The following rules apply to our parking areas:

1.All residents must have a parking sticker applied to the back window of their car by Management. Location: Rear window, passenger side, upper right corner.

2.Temporary Parking Permits: If you have a guest parking overnight, a temporary parking permit is required.  Please stop by the leasing office to receive this permit.  We will not issue temporary permits for longer than seven (7) days at a time.

3.No recreational vehicles are allowed on the premises, such as boats, trailers, campers, etc., because of the inconvenience to other residents in the parking lot.

4.No “Parking Lot Mechanics” are allowed.  No car maintenance is allowed on the premises.

5.No parking stickers will be issued to any vehicle that does not belong to a resident.

6.Violators parking in driveways and “No Parking” areas will be subject to having their vehicles towed without notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.

7.Parking is by permit only. Any vehicle parked on our parking lot without a permanent parking sticker or temporary parking permit may be towed immediately without notice.
8.Any disabled vehicle or untagged vehicle will be subject to being towed without notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.

9.Should a vehicle be towed from the property, it will be done at the vehicle owner’s expense.

10.Parking may be assigned for the first vehicle to be parked. Please use your assigned parking spot first. Otherwise, you are, in effect, occupying two parking spots. Please do not park in spaces assigned to other apartments.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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