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Five Expectations of a Landlord

If you are new to the process of renting you should know there are a few things that every landlord is going to expect from you.  Signing a lease is part of forming a relationship and every relationship comes with expectations. Here are a few items to keep in mind as you begin the relationship with your new landlord.

1.Pay on time. Every rental relationship comes with the expectation of on-time payments. If you sign a lease those expectations should be spelled out clearly in the lease.   If you are renting without signing a lease make sure you have a clear understanding of when the rent is due, where to pay it and how to pay it. Many landlords may expect a cashier’s check or money order and may not accept cash payments.  Be prepared for late fees if your rent payment is late.

2.Follow the rules.  There are many people who cringe at “coloring inside the lines” and who just love to push the envelope when it comes to the “rules”.  If that is your personality you may want to skip starting a rental relationship.  In most cases, you will be part of an apartment community where everyone is expected to follow the rules to make the living experience pleasant for all tenants.  There will probably be rules about parking, noise, decorating, visitors and more.  If you don’t want to follow the rules, don’t rent an apartment.

3.Treat the property like you own it.  Being careful with things that don’t belong to us is something we are taught as children and that should also apply to renting an apartment. Keep the property clean and in good condition. The over-all appearance and atmosphere of the property is a reflection on you and we all want to make the best impression possible.

4.Don’t expect apartment living to be without problems.  Unfortunately, some people don’t follow suggestions 1, 2 and 3 very well and that can make it difficult for other tenants.  As previously mentioned, you are part of a community and most communities have their “problem child”. You can also expect that things will break.  You know that the air conditioner will break on the hottest day and the hot water will stop working the morning you are running late for work. Which leads us to our final point…

5.Communicate…good and bad.  Every good relationship is built on good communication. Friends, significant-others and landlords all require communication to maintain a strong relationship. Most landlords want to hear from you, both good and bad. If the maintenance man did a great job fixing that clogged drain, let the landlord know you appreciated the quick and professional response.  If your neighbor is keeping you up at night with loud music, let the landlord know that too.  Establish good communication with your landlord and you’ll probably get better response when it’s really needed.

Expectations.  You have them, your landlord has them, and in every good relationship each person works to make sure everyone is clear about those expectations.  If you aren’t sure what your landlord’s expectations are, ask!  The old adage “there are no silly questions” really does apply.

About the author: Chuck Rich has over 30 years of experience in residential property management. He operates one of the largest private residential property management companies in the Tri-Cities, TN area including six apartment communities and many rental homes. You can reach him at 423-926-2100 or on-line at

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